Durban Bee Removals

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Who Are Bee Removals Durban?

Bee Removals DurbanBee Removals Durban are Registered Beekeepers in Durban. The busy bee season in Durban starts from September and ends by February. Bee Removals Durban offer three types of bee removal services in Durban which are: Bee Removals Durban. Bee Hive Removals Durban and Bee Nest Removals Durban. Durban Bee Removals also offer Wasp Removals Durban and Wasp Nest Removals Durban.

Bee Removal Done The Right Way!

Bees are extremely detrimental to our environment and with so many bee species under serious threat, bees should not be killed or hives disturbed. Instead bees in Durban should be relocated. For example bees should only be removed or relocated if bees represent a high risk (such as a bee hive or bees near those who are allergic to bee stings).

Unfortunately theres situations whereby bees are killed. For example a swarm that has managed to live in a chimney for a number if seasons and has grown is extremely difficult if not impossible to remove. It’s advisable to have swarms removed as early as possible before they are given a chance to settle and become protective over their hive.

Bee Removal Services Durban

As a Beekeeper in Durban, we take great pride in the service that we offer. Durban Beekeepers offer a unique service that really helps and protects both people and bees. We make sure to completely remove the bees from your premises. The area is left safe and free of bees and bees are relocated to our bee farm.

Bee Hive Removal Services Durban

Bee removals Durban offer bee hive removal services in Durban. We are one of the very few bee removal business in Durban, that remove bee hives correctly and removed completely. Bee removal Durban will locate the bee hive, then locate the queen bee and remove the hive quickly and safely.

Bee Nest Removal Services Durban

Bee Removal Durban offers bee nest removal services in Durban. We will remove the bee nest and make sure that the bee nest has been removed completely. Bee nest removal services are done quickly and safely.

Two Types Of Bees In South Africa

African Honey Bee

African BeeThere are two species of honeybee indigenous to South Africa, namely the country:Apis mellifera Scutellata (or “African bee”) and Apis mellifera Capensis (or “Cape bee”). The Cape bee is commonly found in the southern and western cape regions as far up as the atlantic coastline and the eastern indian ocean coastline. The African bee covers the region north of that area with a hybrid zone overlapping.

Cape Honey Bee

Cape BeeThe Cape bee is generally confined to the western and southern Cape regions particularly referred to as the Fynbos region running in an imaginary line between Vredendal on the western Atlantic coastline across to Willowvale on the eastern Indian Ocean coastline.  The African bee covers the region to the north of this area although there is hybrid zone overlapping the two regions where A.m. capensis and A.m. scutellata hybridize.

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